All Armenian Genocide Crosses Come in a Commemorative Ancient Olive Wood Gift Box

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Armenian Mined Gold Bar for Genocide Cross with Mother of Pearl Ararat cufflinks

Sartarabad Monument and Temple of Garni

Armenian Alphabet  Khatchkar Cuff Bracelet and  Matching Ring

Ultimate Armenian Cross Series.

Mt Ararat Earrings

The Ultimate Armenian Cross Series can be configured with any combination of  Yerevan Yellow, Spitak White or  Tufa Rose Gold.   Only Armenian Genocide Large Khatchkar Series is made from Armenian Mined Gold and can not be custom configured due to its limited edition status. Please check our Facebook and Instagram pages by clicking the link below.

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When a you take a precision products manufacturer  and  high end jewelry designer to collaborate, your outcome is as expected. This is the way Precious Armenian Gifts was born. In a quest to create the perfect Armenian Crosses two creative yet enterprising Armenians didn’t want to stop at that. The original Armenian Cross design turned out so nice they decided to share a new series of Armenian Genocide commemorative Khatchkar crosses  (made with actual Armenian mined gold from Armenia and unboxing can be viewed on Youtube link below) with all of the Armenians and people  around the world in order to raise awareness and for the 100th Anniversary of these heinous events. All Genocide Crosses come to you in an ancient olive wood commemorative gift box seen below. Every season both designers will collaborate in order to bring to you high end 3 dimensional Armenian themed jewelry figurines that may be worn or collected in a way that has never done before.  Paying high attention to quality and detail is only the beginning of what  products that Precious Armenian Gifts will strive to achieve, most of them being in limited quantities. We hope you enjoy for the first time a blend of modern technology, years of old world artisan craftsmanship and hours of R&D to create Armenian Luxury gift products. Enough to rival any high end retail jeweler the  limited edition releases  will never be reproduced and always come numbered . From  from the full scale Church series to  Armenian Hero figurine line, any of these Armenian classics gems can be worn or just admired. Welcome to Armenian Precious Gifts,  and keep our motherland close to your heart. .